Spills at home…… February 3, 2016 00:00

When we moved into our house, before we had children, the practicalities that went with choosing a carpet colour were lost on us.  Now here we are 7 years on, two children and our lovely carpet is now a dirty shade of beige rather than the cream it once was.  I would like to say it was all the children’s fault but as I am sure you are aware they are not the only people who walk mud in, drop things or knock over drinks.

I am in fact pretty sure the first thing that hit our carpet was a glass of red wine that was resting on the fireplace and someone accidently knocked it off. Red wine and cream carpet is not a brilliant combination I am sure you are all aware.  As time when on the red wine was joined by tea, water, hot chocolate, milk, squash … the list is endless.  Thankfully now we use SafeSips around the house spills are a rarity!

Milk being spilt over


It is not just the human factor that you need to worry about when it comes to drink spills.  Pets have been known to create a few accidents of their own.  Adding a SafeSip to your cup, mug or glass means that you can leave the room without thinking too much about where you leave your drink and worrying if it might get knocked over.  I also understand from some of our SafeSip users it can be helpful to stop your cats trying to share your drink!

They are great for an adult to use too.  If you are feeling under the weather, snuggling up with a duvet on the sofa and watching your favourite film is a great way to cheer yourself up.  Save yourself the risk of spilling your drinks over the sofa, when you pick it up and put it down, by adding a SafeSip.  Save your favourite duvet from a stain!

Keeping beds dry at night with SafeSip


It isn’t just carpets that have an attraction for spills in our house.  Our children’s beds seem to be a target for accidents at bedtime.  I am sure like many parents out there, we take our children to bed with a small drink of water and then sit on their beds to read a calming bed time story.  There is nothing more uncalming before bed than a drink accidently being knocked with a foot, a hand, a duvet or a stray teddy and the bed requiring a full change before the child has fallen asleep.  20 minutes later, clean bed and the whole routine has to start again.  By using a SafeSip we manage to save ourselves the strip and remake process plus a further 30 minutes of stories reducing what could become a very lengthy bedtime for us!